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IIt is difficult to find the right Projector & Display Dongle with the most reliable and best quality. And, It's also not easy to find the right supplier who is both professional in design and manufacturing of high-end Projector & Display Dongle.

XunGuang Technology Co., Ltd are specialized in the design and manufacturing of Projector & Display Dongle. We continue to improve product quality and product designs, ensuring our Projector & Display Dongle are the best quality and of the highest class design. We will work closely together with you to enhance your competitive advantage in the market. XunGuang is not only a supplier of Projector & Display Dongle, but also your ideal long-term business partner in Digital industry .Engineers: Our engineers are backed up by over 3 years of products development and manufacturing experience in Projector & Display Dongle industry, with deep knowledge and understanding to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Quality approval: CE, RoHS compliance

Management system: ISO9001, ISO14000 Certified. We understand the importance of product quality and have applied strict quality assurance system, including ISO9001. We ensure all the production procedures are strictly controlled and monitored from incoming materials to final products testing.





This machine can provide large screen to enjoy with TI DLP display technology, realize high brightness, high resolution, high contrast, brilliant color,
with perfect user interface. Support 3D video play,
Designed for family entertainment and business applications.

The projector is hand-held device ,designed for family,entertainment,business presentation,
and it will project a big screen as you like at any time.
Mirroring your iphone/ipad or android smart phone screen to projector big screen, Support IOS,Android,Windows,Mac OS.

Resolution is 854*480,brightness is LED 100 lumens.
The operating system for Android version 4.4, support many commonly used third-party application software format.

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